Villa Celeste

Villa Celeste – Uniqueness made out of simplicity

Villa Celeste was built in 2016 being part of a three villa independent complex. It was initially designed as two separated homes but because of its typology combined with a large common equal level surrounding area, it was decided by the owners and according to our proposal to create one bigger villa which would combine prime location and space. The end result was developed and conceived to protect the property from the north winds which are fierce during the summer period on the island and may cause discomfort to its guests if the villa stays exposed. In order to overcome this challenge we decided to use the villa itself in order to protect the swimming pool area whilst keeping the amazing view overlooking Mykonos Town. Additionally we have conceived and designed four large stone and glass openings which completely shelter the villa by any variation of northern type wind allowing at the same time the crystal clear clarity of the sight from within the surrounding areas of the property.