Villa Sapphire

Villa Sapphire – The cozy villa that has it all

Villa Sapphire was built in 2017 being part of a three villa independent complex. Being set at the higher point of the property area, it automatically had a best view advantage that needed to be pointed out and exploited at a maximum level. In order to achieve this we decided to place the swimming pool along with a very vast surrounding sunlounge area at the top level of the villa connecting it directly to the first floor veranda with a ramp passage as well as with the lower outdoor area where the exterior diner and bar areas where placed along with a bespoke fully custom built 7 seater Jacuzzi, with an exterior cement plaster staircase. The swimming pool being the connecting part between the two levels, we have installed a 200mm thick crystal 2,60m by 1,60m in order to offer a different twist of design and create a unique feature which is being enhanced and emphasized during the nightfall thanks to the custom built fiber optics lighting system installed in the swimming pool bottom.